MOUMU's story so far.

My Story

各位好,我是林柔君 LIN JOU CHUN ( MOUMU 矛木 ),一個畫畫和寫字的人。去年 2021 年取得 舊金山藝術大學 AAU MFA 學位。我的創作風格多變,因尚未定型。從傳統媒材之油畫、壓克力、炭筆、水彩到數位繪畫皆為喜愛之創作方式。因個人成長的過程及背景,曾經認為這個世界很黑暗,害怕和人相處,但是最近遇到了許多不可思議的人與事,也認識了即使得到紅斑性狼瘡,也依然負擔起企業老闆責任、 90 後孩子母親的責任,時刻思考如何和孩子溝通,每天和員工溝通到半夜的,令人尊敬的女性。因此,我決定成為一個可以對他人有幫助的人,透過繪畫和文字,我希望能透過抽象的或是具象的筆觸,讓人感受到希望和安撫。具體的視覺風格,我還在發展中,但我希望是不受限的、不浮誇的、自由安定的。

Hi everyone, I am LIN JOU CHUN (MOUMU 矛木)  who falls in love with Art and Write. I studied in AAU in California, and completed the program in 2021 with a MFA degree. My style is not fixed and I will keep exploring, which means the exploring trip will from traditional medias to digital medias. Since my growth background, I used to think the world was awful. However, recently I meet many incredible people, especially a female entrepreneur who is so outstanding that she take cares her children and company with significant abilities and patient. Therefore, I decide to become a person who is helpful to others and help people feel happy and cheerful. My specific art style is an “unknown” which is great, and I hope it is unlimited, simple, and free.

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